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Studio Construction

So... you need a better workspace for your music, or need a recording room? Maybe you have neighbors or family members that don't appreciate the noise? If so, we are here to help! Most people don't realize how important it is to have a proper setup to get your TRUE sound out. Listening to your work in a room without proper acoustics and "Oking" it can be detrimental to you by committing a disservice to your music. You wouldn't believe the amount of sound flying around in your room without proper acoustics setup, but I guarantee we can fix the issue for you! Also included for free in each package we can help you pick through equipment upgrades to find one that best fits you and your budget if desired, to really let your sound shine!

Recording Studio

Workspace Redesign

If you have a room that you use but aren't getting the right sound and don't have the right setup and have a few extra bucks to spend we can come and evaluate your room and help you to set it up for the best sound quality and help you setup proper dampening and acoustics!

This package includes an in person evaluation of your desired room. We will do measurements and decide the best areas for your room and can discuss add-on if wanted (dampening. traps, etc.) If you want these options, we can get together a price for you and order the desired material and add them on to help your music blossom!

Recording Studio
Music Recording Studio

Full Build

If you need a full room remodel for sound, or if you have a basement or attic that really hits the spot for you to run with, we can help! We offer full build, top to bottom for building soundproof or sound dampened rooms. We can setup a half and half for recording and your workstation, we can do a fully dampened room, or just build it however you want within specification to get the best sound quality while you are just jamming out!

This package would include an in person evaluation. We can come in and take measurements and give you a general idea of price/time to do the build. We will go over all of the requirements with you and set a price to do the work! Once we have all of the materials in we can come right in and build away!

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