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Welcome to the family!

Otsuka Bangerz (Otsuka Studio, LLC) is now up and ready to bring the recording to you! We have a travel radius (Check the services page) and are available to bring the studio equipment to where you practice or live and get your music rolling! We also offer the mixing and mastering, and in house recording all at prices you can't beat! Get a hold of us now to get your music recorded, mixed, mastered, and out to the world! 

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Opening Hours

Come Visit

Hours vary day by day, as we have try to get as much time with our families as possible! Use the contact form or book an appointment to go over your project! 

Contact Us

95 Public Square

Suite 303

Watertown, NY


If you have any questions, require services, or would like to collaborate on work feel free to contact us! We are currently available for mixing and mastering, as well as song production, and recording. Call today to book! (Mileage limitations do apply for travel recording.)

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