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Meet the Team

Dedicated and Passionate





Studio Managers

Mix & Master Engineers

-(Ret) US Army-

Our Vision

We are looking to specifically cater to soldiers and veterans, as well as low-income families that have the talent but lack the buck. Though we are available for anyone to come get some work done, we believe it's time that a studio existed to help the disadvantaged and the courageous. 

It is TOO HARD to make it in this world now on our own, that's why we need to always have each others backs! We will be giving back in any way we can, contact us for any inquiries or if you need help to make your dreams come true!

That said, we are always looking for donations of old instruments or even money to help us make OUR dream come true by helping others make THEIR dream come true!

Vlog coming soon!

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Video Channel Name

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