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Want to help?!

We are willing to take any old/used instruments or equipment that could be used in studio to help others out! Why toss it out when we can clean it up and give it some more love? This wild world of music can't always cost a pretty penny. Help us bring to life the dream of low price music making for the masses!

In the future we will continue to take donations (and any tips given will go towards donations) to be able to give this opportunity to less fortunate young men and women who need the money to record. We plan to always be advocating for those who have the talent but have not been given the proper opportunities in life to succeed. 

Get On The List

Submit your info below if you would like to donate anything physical (old unused equipment or instruments)! We will respond and get connected! Anyone who donates will be added to a hand painted wall inside the facility once we get up and running showing that YOU were the one that made this dream come true! 

Thanks for submitting!

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