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Please read before ordering!

Any booking fee will be transferred into the final price for the services you need.


A NO SHOW or LATE SHOW (15+ min late) will result in the money simply paying off that time requested, and NOT moved forward to what may be your final price. After multiple NO SHOWs/LATE SHOWs we have the right to refuse to continue work with you. Our time is precious to us. We have families we want to be spending time with too, and we are coming to work with you for better prices than you will find around out of the goodness in our hearts, not because we need to. Professionalism is required by both ends of this musical transaction.

ONE return-for-work is free in each track. After the first one a normal service-per-hour charge will be in place. So if we have not captured the sound you want, make sure to explain to us exactly what you want on the return-for-work.

We are aware of the issue with booking at the moment, please contact us via a support email or on Facebook to set up your appointments! We are sorry for this issue!

Our Services

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