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Studio Services

Recording, Mixing, Engineering, and More




On top of our in house studio, we are going in a new, COMPLETELY NEW, direction with recording. We understand that people need the recording done to get moving, but can't always get to a studio or even afford it! We are offering a solution to your problem. We are charging our normal studio fee +  $2.25 per mile/per day for any travel recording! This reduces your time taken to pack, move, unpack and setup, while still providing you excellent service! Contact us to reserve a time for your music to take the next step!

Currently we will only be serving approx. 180 mile radius. Anything within range of Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany for example. Everyone is still able to consult and we might be able to figure something out!

There is a $100 retainer fee for booking/day. This is a nonrefundable fee that IS taken out of your total cost after the project is done. It is there only to make sure that we don't get stiffed for no-shows or last minute cancellations!

Base price is $45 an hour, discounted by ordering more hours together! Check the packages page!


Studio Setup

Plan on making a home studio? Do you just want a more convenient room to work in without disturbing neighbors/family? We, along with our fellow retirees in construction, can come and give you an estimate and then renovate the studio room for you (including sound proofing/dampening!) and set up your equipment to get the best sound you can get!


Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering together forever! There are plenty of sites out there now offering audio mastering for a quick buck and quick turn around, but if you are serious about your music, shoot us a call or set up a consult! We can roll mixing and mastering together and have a proper turn around time with provided stems/project pieces!

We guarantee you aren't going to find a lower price for quality work!


Song Production

Song Purchase

Some songs will be available for purchase by one of our engineers/artists. Prices will vary.

Keep in mind, available tracks are NOT mix/mastered yet and some are not complete. They will be tailor made and changed around for what you need at no extra cost.

Special Pricing Available

Special pricing is available for low-income individuals who have the talent and the gusto to take on the music world! Contact us today to see if you qualify to get your dreams for a price you never thought possible!

Military discount also available with proof of service!

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